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Born Soul Gets You Hyped With “Top Off”

Born Soul instantly had us hyped with the funky production of his new release “Top Off” that had this gritty southern style. Top Off was a groovy party-ready anthem that had this staccato delivery and an old-school flow that’s gonna appeal to both the youth and the old! Born Soul most certainly stand out from the overpopulating crowd of hip-hop artists and “Top Off” is the song that sticks out like a sore thumb. It’s creative, it’s catchy, and it’s exuberant with great energy that sucks you in like a vacuum. “Top Off” had an upbeat rhythm with a sculptural arrangement with Born Soul bars and punchlines. The energy in “Top Off” was enigmatic and contagious along with the infectious lyrics. “Top Off” is the type of song you can play on full volume riding around with your people or party at a club. However, it still manages to be individualistic with its unique beat and Born Soul diverse flow.  You can take a listen to “Top Off” by Born Soul here.

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